An unique and charming work published by Rizzoli, to the delight of enthusiasts and collectors,
but also of all those who love the real stories at the heart of History.

新しいプロジェクトが実現しました。 今回は、メゾン、メゾンの創設者、そしてエベラールを最も人気があり、誰もが憧れる時計ブランドにした人々のすべてのストーリーを綴った本を作りました。 この本は、20世紀の "偉大な歴史 " と密接に絡み合った3つの大きな出来事を紐解きながら、我々の先代の業績の偉大さを再確認し、称えるためのオマージュ作品であり、機会でもあります。 これらはすべて、Giosuè Boetto Cohen(ジョシュア・ボエット・コーエン)の巧みな筆致によって上手に語られています。






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    Users have to register on the site www.www.eberhard-co-watches.ch and are required to tell their experience and personal story with their Eberhard & Co. watch ( so if they got the watch from a parent, or it was a gift received on a special occasion, or a personal purchase, and so on…); they have to describe it in a few words and upload an image of their Eberhard watch. Contributions will be collected in an e-book published on the Eberhard & Co. website and shared on social networks. There are no theme or interpretation constraints, with the exception of images depicting watches of other brands. Images with insulting or offensive content, or which offend public decency or the law will not be accepted. For these reasons, the content will only be published after approval by Eberhard & Co.

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